Bread and Chocolate Bakery

View of Bread & Chocolate Bakery Goods including Cookies, Bars, Muffins, Scones, Caramel Rolls and Croissants.

Our bakers load the ovens beginning at 4am everyday filling the bakery with vanilla and butter aromas. Try our award-winning fudge brownies, cookies, special bars and fabulous fudge bars . In the mornings we invite you to enjoy warm muffins, scones, cinnamon swirls, caramel rolls and assorted croissants with your fresh brewed coffee or signature espresso drink.
Our bakery goods are also available for your event and catering needs. Explore our bakery trays for birthdays, weddings, funerals and special occasions.


All flavors 2.50

Dozen 26.00

Gluten Free 3.00


All flavors 2.50

Dozen 26.00

Gluten Free 3.00


Butter 3.00

Filled 3.50

Ham & Cheese 4.75


Caramel Roll 4.00

Cinnamon Swirl 4.00


All flavors 3.00

Dozen 30.00

Gluten Free 3.50

Special Order

Mini Dozen Butter Croissants 18.00

Mini Dozen Scones 15.00

Mini Dozen Filled Croissants 22.00

Mini Dozen Muffins 15.00

Mini Dozen Cookies 10.00

Bars & Brownies

Brownies 3.00 By the Dozen 32.00

Special Bars 3.25 By the Dozen 36.00

Fabulous Fudge 3.75 By the Dozen 42.00

Special Order Trays

Brownies Half Tray 56.00 Full Tray 96.00

Bars Half Tray 62.00 Full Tray 106.00

Fabulous Fudge Half Tray 72.00 Full Tray 138.00